Governor Mike Sonko has asked city residents to help him choose a deputy governor to fill the slot left vacant by Polycarp Igathe, his former deputy governor.

However, allegations are rife that he has already settled on Agnes Kagure for the post.

Igathe resigned on January 12 saying he had failed to earn Sonko’s trust.

Sonko posted the ‘appeal’ for help on his Facebook post and listed 22 names of people he is considering for the appointment.

Among the proposed are TV presenter Ann Kiguta.


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Surprisingly, he still considers Igathe an option for the slot despite having resigned from the post three months ago.

“Great people of Nairobi, some say politics is about numbers. This FB page of mine has over 1,300,000 fans out of which 925,892 are Nairobians. I believe it is you the great people and God who have the powers of nominating leaders. Hence hebu munisaidie hapa (help me here) whom do you think deserves to be my Deputy Governor?” Sonko said.