The couple together

Mike Sonko is many things; boisterous, generous, loud, flashy and above all else controversial. One thing that many might forget is that the man is also a devoted husband and father.

The Sonko's
Sonko’s family

He reminded Kenyans of this fact when he posted multiple TBT’s of him and his wife. The message that went along with the photos was that couples should strive to forgive each other through thick and thin.

The couple together

His caption read:

No matter what you are going through in your marriage, relationship or life just Love your babes, stick to her, stay together, vumilianeni. Ukimkosea sema baby pole, ukichelewa kufika home sema babes pole, akipata sms ya mpango wa kando mpe kipindree alafu mwambie babes pole, akikushika na dame/ chali mwambie babes nakupenda nisamehe. Watu wengi huvunja relationship zao coz ya kushindwa kusema babes I’m sorry I love you forgive me.

Ninani ashawai kosea mpenzi wake akakubali?

The couple together

Some comments to his post are below:

Ashly Mwandembo Wow! True love indeed…Congratulations.
Ratia Saoli Congratulations for the true love you hv’e maintained in your marriage.May God keep you together forever.
Sheila Kilonzi Very Amazing true love indeed God continue to bless you’re marriage si rahisi
Annie Kimz Congratulations Mr Governor many people don’t know that charity begins at home.I like the way u love and respect your wife, God bless your marriage even more. AMEN
Makena Kirimi God to keep love and peaceful in your marriage, you have come from far guys. Ongela sana God is great

The 44-year-old Sonko often shares many images of Primrose but what many don’t know is that of his three known children, they only have one biological daughter together.

Mike Sonko's daughters
Mike Sonko’s daughters

The eldest, Saumu, was born during Sonko’s first marriage with his late wife Njeri Wangui.

Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu Mbuvi

The Senator then sired another daughter, Salma with an unidentified woman who is also deceased and was celebrated by Salma on December 1, 2015, on her Instagram page.

Salma Mbuvi
Salma Mbuvi

Sandra, on the other hand, was born in Sonko’s current marriage to Primrose.

Sandra Mbuvi
Sandra Mbuvi during her birthday

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