Never leave a true relationship for a few faults.Nobody is perfect, nobody is correct. In the end affection is greater than perfection ?✌?️,” these are not my words but Saumu’s, the daughter of flamboyant Nairobi Senator Mike Sinko’s elder daughter.

Saumu and her boyfriend Benson Gatu have been grabbing headlines of late. They are the next Bill and Hilary Clinton – the most powerful couple in American politics – of Kenya. But despite Kenyans on social media’s “approval” for their relationship, Mike Sonko is not for it at all. The flashy senator recently told off Gatu claiming he was a joyrider and only using Saumu for mileage.

POLENI TEAM MAFISI! Mike Sonko’s Sexy Daughter Saumu Is Gone….

But on the other hand, Saumu and her 25-year-old boyfriend have decided not to listen to ‘haters’ and move on with their relationship. The rich kid is engaged to Gatu who is vying for the Mathioya parliamentary seat and she has of late, been splashing photos, showing off her engagement ring and soon they might walk down the aisle.

Saumu Mbuvi displays her engagement ring


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Just like any other couple, the two love birds have been sharing photos enjoying each other’s company from attending political rallies, to their fun road trips. From the photos, it is obvious to see they are indeed in love and nothing can separate them.

Saumu who was born into a political family and recently graduated from Kenyatta University seems to have mastered the treacherous game of politics and she is ready to support her better half till the end.