Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

Kenyans have supported radio personality Mike Mondo after he said that he is not in a hurry to get married despite his age.

Mike who is almost in his forties says people are just jealous of him and his colleague Maina Kageni.

I am 38 and in no hurry. They are jealous of us Maina, don’t listen to them about marrying.

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Mike added,

The pressure I get from Mwalimu Kinga’ng’i every year, it’s too much.

You know I look up to  people like Charles Njonjo, why can’t you let me marry at any age? You keep disturbing Maina also. What is the hurry?

Below are some of the reactions.

Josphine Waweru: You are still very young. Take time to mature. Different trees mature differently ad the last one to mature is more expensive.
My only advice is when the time comes, make sure you marry your agemates. Eg at 58 marry a lady who is about 54.
Raymond Tende: Life is a choice bro, same here not married yet, I most plan and ready for it, for me I don’t want to stay in a rental house with the family am going to bring in this world, people are here producing streets, kids, every day in the name of married without thinking about the family the will start producing.
Take your time and plan.
Beryl Sadfa Salim: If you are happy, am happy too and even my miji kumi elder is happy as well!
Beth Kuria: I support them being single is the best decision no one will ever give you headache.
Gathoni Wa Wanyoike: I am also old enough and in no hurry,we might meet halfway.

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