Relationships have their share of good times and the bad especially when you can’t stand the person you used to be madly in love with.

Sometimes we ladies feel that our sixth sense maybe telling us the guy we really love might be playing tricks on us. Below are some of the things you can do if you think your lover may be lying to you;

Below are some of the things you can do if you think your lover may be lying to you;

  1. Snoop around a little bit

Check his bedroom and the bathroom you might find something incriminating against him. Other places you also should check is the trash can and the kitchen area.

As for single ladies who may be dealing with a married man and you have no idea, check his wallet, you may find a picture of a woman who is special in his life. If worst comes to worst check his phone you may be shocked but its better to know the truth.



2. Show up unexpectedly (change routine)

If you normally meet your man at a time he’s aware of surprise him once in a while. This may catch him off guard especially if you have been suspicious of him lately.

3. Ask for quality time at awkward times (late hours)

Men who are cheating find it hard to keep up with the game. Ladies particularly would have an edge if they ask their partners to make love to them when they show up later than usual.

If your man meets your demands but with excuses, you need to find out what is wrong. If he pushes you away then know something is up.

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4. Alter your sleeping habits

Ever heard of a saying ‘for you to catch a thief you must be a thief’. To find out if he’s cheating you may need to sacrifice your beauty sleep. Cheating partners normally wait for their legitimate partner to sleep in order to make calls to their secret lovers.

5.  Agree to give your partner space 

Instead of pitying yourself give your partner space after you notice something has changed. This might give you ample time to figure out all the information you may require to know about your partner’s current activities.

6. Take note of how their schedule has changed

If your partner used to go out of their way to do some special stuff like weekend dinners and dates then all of a sudden he’s too busy something is fishy. It may mean he’s giving someone else his quality time.

7. Follow your partner after a fight 

Cheating partners usually love to start fights and cause a lot of drama unnecessarily. In case you get into a fight with them and they walk out, follow them. They might be heading to their secret lover to be consoled.

8. Be involved in their activities

If your man hits the gym frequently or goes to a certain club regularly, go with him you might bump into a secret admirer trailing your guy.

9. Create a fake social media account

In this digital world you can find information about someone by the touch of a button.  You just need to be smart about it create a fake Instagram account if the guy likes to post on Instagram you may find ladies he’s likely to be cheating on you with.