Eric Omondi and Willis Raburu

Yesterday media personalities Willis Raburu and Eric Omondi stole the show on Valentine’s Day. They brought the city to a standstill, leaving Nairobians wagging their tongues.While many went to Uhuru Park to sit in the shade and reflect on their lives in the name of celebrating Valentine’s, Raburu and Omondi were busy making headlines.

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Willis Raburu, invited his wife to work and she arrived in a limo and a red carpet was rolled out for her as she made her way to the studio.

“My everyday. #MyPerson #MorKich #MySoulTatoo #QueenRaburu I had so much fun with @maryaprude_raburu today. Bring your wife to work day was 💯❤️❤️❤️When this lady smiles I honestly get weak in the knees ✨✨,” read Raburu’s Valentine’s message to his better half.

Raburu’s wife was a guest host on Hot 96 breakfast show and Citizen TV morning show. Mary later joined her husband on his 11 a.m to 2 p.m show. Raburu posted a series of videos of his wife at the Maalim Juma based media house to the annoyance of many.

Mary Prude Raburu

Meanwhile, comedian Eric Omondi was busy giving the boy child sleepless nights. He bought his wife Chantal Grazioli a German beast.


Well, Raburu and Eric Omondi’s acts have ignited mixed reactions and a social media user by the name David Jesse has called out the two, claiming that they own nothing.

“Middle-class Luos like Eric Omondi and Willis Raburu are all over social media showing off exorbitant pleasantries they got their women on Valentine’s Day, but if you ask them to show you one apartment they’ve built so that you can move out of the one owned by a Kikuyu they’ll show you none. Bure!”

Here are some of the comments from social media

Elvis Mlb: 100% true!!! They all including Eric Omondi living in Kikuyus rental home in the suburbs of Nairobi.

Georgy Georgy: Have they impregnated their wives that they are always showing off???

Pio de Soro: You’re reasoning is cool bro

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Cde Nelson: This one touched me bro. This is a plain truth…leave alone an apartment…their lion back in their village….

Jose Schatz: Wacha waringe who know tomorrow they might act as examples.

Otieno Coliq: Bure kabisa

Augustine Bin Lumumba: The imaginary middle-class income earners in Kenya.

But why so much bile? People should let Willis Raburu and Eric Omondi prosper!