The artiste performing

Diamond was recently in the country when he came to perform in Thika. The musician gave out a memorable performance.

Diamond on stage

In a wide-ranging interview he gave to K24 while he was at the airport, he spoke about many issues that touched on his life.

Diamond arriving

He was asked about the one thing God hadn’t blessed him with? His response was very interesting. He said:

God did not give me an evil heart because he gave me a clean and giving heart.

Hehehe! That is how you answer a question. He was also asked the most amount of money that he had ever spent in a day.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz with his kids

The singer was coy and described himself as a simple man:

I am not a man of big things, just look at the sandals I came wearing (pointing at his feet). I don’t wear name brands like Gucci, I am very simple.

He added rather humbly:

I am just a good musician.


Then this is where the interview took a loud and proud turn by the musician. Diamond sees himself as a transcendental musician in the vein of Michael Jackson and he said so. What! Yes, he did. He said:

When I get on stage, no musician is better than me. The only musician I feel can beat me on stage is Beyonce and or if Michael Jackson resurrects. Everyone else I beat hands down!!!


All dreams are valid and Diamond clearly hasn’t reached where he is without those lofty dreams.

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