Just last week, I interviewed socialite Pendo about the reality show Nairobi Diaries. She made it clear that it is not Vera’s show and that she doesn’t care about haters. The petite hottie also threw shade at Vera, labeling her a wh*re.

I want you to follow closely.

Vera And Pendo Involved In Vicious Fight! Pendo Throws Bottle At Vera, Police Get Involved!(Photo)

In a turn of events, Vera, on Wednesday evening claimed that Pendo attacked her by throwing a bottle at her inside a club where they were hanging out. She even posted a photo of her security guard’s bleeding arm, having been wounded trying to protect her.


Speaking exclusively to Mpasho News about the drama, Pendo said something that will surprise you. Before we even go further, I need to give you some background info about her. She is the girl who came out with proof that she had slept with Nigerian singer Davido. Pendo had Davido’s underwear after their one night stand! She stole it!

Ready to know what transpired?!

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