Sarah Hassan with hubby
Sarah Hassan with hubby

Popular actress Sarah Hassan commonly known as Tanya from Tahidi High drama has for the first time revealed how she met her husband, Martin Dale.

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Sarah, who is heavily pregnant with their first child, in an interview with Talk Central disclosed that they met at a gym along Waiyaki Way.

We actually met at the Gym at the ABC place.

The multitalented actress said they clicked and started dating.

Sarah Hassan
Sarah Hassan aka Tanya

She also talked about the kind of man her better half is, and she said that he is very romantic, reminiscing the day asked her to marry him. She said;

We dated for a short while so one day we were to go to an event and the apartment we used to live in had a restaurant, so he suggested that we have a bottle of wine, so we go in and am wondering, there was a nice set up at the table we were going to use. I thought it was for some other people who had booked, it was full of roses, candle light, so I thought it was for other couples or we did not call to book, then he pretends to ask the waiter if we can use the table, then we are there just having a glass of wine and there was like a pack in the middle, and I was ignorant coz it was written in Spanish.


So he is always this surprise, romantic guy, then he goes down on his knees to propose, I didn’t see it coming. Later on, at the event, all our friends were there.

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