Homeless Churchill Show comedian Akuku Danger has appealed to the president to open up the country to avoid more people being plunged into joblessness, depression and hopelessness.

“I don’t know my next course of action because my parents are back home in Migori, I would have done that but now it is very hard to travel. So now I will have to hang around at my friend’s place for a few days as I figure out what will happen and maybe if it opens up I will go back to Migori and see what I will do, right now I don’t have anything I can pay the landlord.”

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Akuku Danger is thinking of going back home to Migori if things don’t work out.

“I have my father he is a small scale farmer with a retail shop and I have other 5 siblings at home, I’m the second born.”

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Now that the country is on partial lockdown and cessation of movement has hindered him from performing outside Nairobi, the comedian is asking for any job.

“If someone would like to help me, they would do so by offering me a job, si bagui kazi as long as it can get me food on the table I will gladly take it. It doesn’t have to be what I studied in school.

In school I did mass communication I can do radio, TV and a did a course in public communication in corporate communications.”

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His message to Uhuru after the partial lockdown was instituted is,

“Manze fungua inchi that means more opportunities. Like just before the lockdown that day, I had an even in Kakamega which was supposed to happen on Saturday. I left Nairobi when I got to sachangwan, which is when the president made the announcements. I had to run back and head to Nairobi I did not get to the even, which means the down payment I was given for the even I have to refund a little bit of it. If the country is unlocked I have more opportunities.


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