Mercy Masika

Mercy Masika was supposed to be at the Dusit terror if her version of events is to be believed. The “Mwema” singer according to Jalang’o was delayed from being at the fateful terrorist attack.

Mercy Masika
Wit her husband

The gospel singer spoke to Kiss F.M and confirmed that version of events, telling the station:

I’m grateful. It looked like a delay but it was a blessing. And also the people in the salon were ok, so it’s really a good thing. It was more like hurry up but then there were a lot of people to socialize with hapo. Of course, I was feeling the delay but then I was kinda chatting with people. Later I was like haiya we delayed there, but we felt like it was God who protected us.

Mercy Masika
Mercy Masika performing in a file picture

Jalang’o had earlier on explained on his Instagram page how his friend and business partner Mercy was saved from the event because his badly parked car had delayed her.


The two had been hired for an upcoming consumer promotion and were having a meeting on the day of the terrorists attacked DusitD2 hotel.

The Milele FM presenter arrived late for the meeting and he couldn’t find a spot to park his car. He was forced to double park blocking other cars, including Mercy Masika’s car.

Mercy Masika

Masika finished the Kiss interview by sympathising with the bereaved:

We pray for comfort especially for those who’ve lost family members. It’s really painful and we pray that God will comfort them.

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