Female Gospel Artistes

The Kenyan gospel industry is something to celebrate.

Female gospel artistes are making us proud. Unlike their male counterparts the likes of Willy Paul, Bahati, L-Jay Maasai, Ringtone etc who thrive on controversy and let the industry down, these women carry themselves with maturity.

They are the reason why the Kenyan gospel industry is doing great.

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Most of these female artistes have a lot in common and below are some of the characteristics;

  1. Live according to the word of God

These women of God live according to the Bible teachings and spread the gospel as is expected of them. Most of the Kenyan female artistes have kept their lives under wraps and rarely do they attract negative headlines compared to their male counterparts.

Have you ever heard about female artistes beefing on social media over silly things?

In short, they don’t drink water and preach wine.

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2. Compose good music

With thousands of gospel artistes mushrooming from every corner of the country joining the lucrative gospel industry, these women of God have stuck to producing good music. Their music carry inspiring and educative message. Their songs always rule the local airwaves and can be listened to by anyone whether young or old.

Can you compare Mercy Masika to Willy Paul?

3. Stylish

Apart from music, these female artistes are also trendsetters in the fashion industry. From hairstyles to dressing, these women always leave heads turning whenever they step out.

Well, from Mercy Masika, Emmy Kosgei to Joyce Omondi, meet the female gospel artistes who are running the gospel industry.

  1. Mercy Masika

She is married to David Muguro. The two are blessed with a son and a daughter. Mercy Masika’s songs include; Mwema, Nikupendeze, Amukomete, Milele and Mkono wa Bwana.

Mercy Masika12

2. Size 8

Ever since she got saved, Size 8’s music has been dominating the local airwaves a clear indication that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. She is married to gospel deejay DJ Mo, the two are blessed with a daughter. Her songs include; Mateke, Afadhali Yesu, and Jemedari.

Size 8's family

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3. Gloria Muliro

She is talented. Being one of the top paid Kenyan artistes, the award winning singer is known for great hits such as; Narudisha, Ndio Yako, Mapito, Kibali.

Gloria Muliro7

4. Kambua Manundu

The sassy gospel singer cum presenter is talented and some of her songs include; Bado Nasimama, Again, Nishikilie, Usiki na Mchana, and Anatimiza.


5. Janet Otieno

She is married. The mellow-voiced singer is known for songs such as; Napokea Kwako, Natamani, Nafsi Yangu etc.

Janet Otieno

6. Ruth Wamuyu

She doubles as a singer and a pastor. She is married to Bishop Theuri Maina the founder of City of Refuge – House of Judah Ministries. Her hit songs include; Atanikumbuka, Inuka, and Naijulikane.

Ruth Wamuyu

7. Eunice Njeri

She is one of the most underrated artistes around. Eunice is a super talented singer and her songs include; Nimekubali, Nani Kama Wewe, Ameni, Wanishangaza etc.


8. Emmy Kosgei

Married to a Nigerian pastor Anselm Madubuko, Emmy sings mostly in native Kalenjin and she is known for these songs; Taunet Neelel, Ategisin Jehova, Kaswech, Sobei Cheiso, Taai just to mention a few.

Emmy Kosgei rolling deep2

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9. Joyce Omondi

She is married to Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura. Joyce Omondi’s songs include; Conquerer, Uinuliwe, and Kweli.

Joyce Omondi

10. Jemimah Thiong’o

Known for songs such as Alinitua, Hakuna, Akisema Atakubariki and Pendo La Ajabu. She is a veteran gospel singer.

Jemimah Thiong'o