Women do not like to hear the word submit! Hell, even I don’t!

Men have taken advantage of the Bible quote, when it comes to submission, and this has proved to be tough on people who have been caught up in abusive relationships.

Mercy Masika has some free advice for the girlchild as she is a happily married woman if social media is anything to go by.

Mercy Masika12

Her advice was based on nothing but the Bible. The Bible is very particular about submission and the man being the head of the family and that is something ladies do not want to hear.

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The new wave of women empowerment has gotten into their heads that they feel the word submission is a threat to their very lives.

Mercy Masika has these words for the ladies on submission and understanding that the man is your head and you should be answerable to him.

She said:

it’s easy to submit to a good man like davidtmuguro. I have learnt that submitting to authority is a great strength. God is a God of order and Yeees I’m answerable and accountable to my hubby.
I am a power but under authority. If the military had no authorities it would be ugly.
I have learnt that many of us don’t even understand submission and consider it a weakness. It is not.