Several brave men have opened up about their traumatic experiences they have undergone after the women they were dating aborted.

It’s always assumed women are the ones who bear the scars of abortion, but their stories let us know that men do suffer in silence.

In a interview dubbed #ChooseFatherhood, these fathers shared their most vulnerable experiences.

*Tim says

‘Am a father of five and I only got to raise three of them.

The other two did not do anything wrong that I did not want to raise them,they just did not get a chance because they were both aborted.

If you thought Rose Muhando abortion story was crazy, Madonna allegedly had 11 of them!


I knew the girl was pregnant but I did not know what to do.

With the help of a friend she had terminated the pregnancy.

It’s only after I went to bed that I cried.

Even though it’s been decades there is still an emotional scar that still comes up.

I continued in a life of marijuana, alcohol,I was just trying to push the pain away.’

*Tonny said

‘I found out that my girlfriend was pregnant at only 16.

When I found out that she had carried out an abortion I was devastated. 

The depression that I went through after that not only messed not only me but her as well.

We both started drinking heavily and doing drugs something we were not doing before.’

‘I took my ex to a clinic to carry out an abortion,’ Andrew Kibe


*Jim added

‘I was a foreign exchange student in Germany.

I fell in love with the country and also with a young lady and through that relationship there was a time she came to me and said she was pregnant.

We were too young and we had other things we wanted to do so we did not weigh the decision heavily on whether to keep the baby.’


‘I remember seeing this tubes being filled with red,white and the sound of the baby being suctioned out Then it all stopped and they said ‘we are done,it was a success’.

I would advise someone who is thinking of terminating a life to first talk to someone who has been there before.

I wish someone had been there to offer information and alternatives.’

*Alex added

‘I was shocked to find she was pregnant, I did not believe it at first, I even offered to pay for the termination.

The weight of the guilt was so overwhelming for me, I was terrified.

So later I called her and told her ‘You need to keep this baby.’ and I said I would be there with her 

It wasn’t all wine and roses ‘ but my son is now 8 years old and he changed my life, I am glad that I did not chose that mistake (abortion).’

According to statistics over 55 million fathers bear the silent scar of abortion.

The next time you ask your girlfriend or wife to abort think twice.

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