Kenyan men have come out to say that they prefer natural women not only when it comes to appearance but also when it comes to their nunu smell.

This was after ex-househelp Ruth Khaecha denied she stole Sh1,350,000 from employer Paul Mwangi at Balozi Estate in Muthaiga.

She said she earned the money, Sh800,000 as a reward for providing “good sex”.

*Mike said,

‘I was dating a lady from Nairobi and from my ushago (reserve). when mating with the lady from the city, my stamina was almost non existent.

she would apply so much makeup and such strong perfumes and I had a hard time getting it up.

On the other hand the lady from my shagz mambo ilikua twa twa twa.’


‘Having pekejeng with a Natural woman is like eating kuku kienyeji.’

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*Stella said,

‘I caught my husband red handed smashing my house help.

But for me I am still with that househelp and I am still together with my husband.’

Travis Thuita added,

‘have you not come across this family where the husband had an affair with the house manager and eventually married her?

stays in the same house with the first wife and the children turned to calling her mum.

Another added,

‘Even animals smell each other for that natural smell.

This things that women apply only spoils matters.’

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