Jalang'o and his wife

Kiss 100 radio presenter has advised women not to rely on men so much as men only invest where they see the value.

In a generation where women only want to be treated by men and when that fails they call the stingy, Jalango says no man is stingy.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Jalas advised

”There is no man who is stingy. There is nothing like a stingy man… Men will always spend when they see value, or they spend where there’s value… What value can he see on you to spend on you? Case closed.”

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Kamene Goro agreed with Jalang’o and said,

”Let me tell you something, I honestly must agree. Where a man sees value, ata kama hana doh, atafanya juu chini atafute na aspend… You know men are all about tRYing. He will never put his money, inaingia tu kwa shimo ku burn… Do you have something of value to substantiate him spending money on you?”

So ladies if wewe ni wa ngeli ya nipee, nitumie, nataka and he does not provide for you just know that he sees no value in you.

Move on and find someone who does, after all one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

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