The weekend is here and Kenyan men already have plans on where they will go out drinking, the problem is, some leave their wives no cash.

It’s not rare to find a Kenyan man coming home drunk yet they cannot leave behind cash at home to be spent on food, rent or other miscellaneous costs.

Men narrated why they get drunk and leave no cash.

Peter said,

‘Most of the time we drink because we have been bought for drinks.

Your fellow men can buy you alcohol, food yet you know you don’t have money and you cannot dare ask for money because their is no food in your house.

Men get drunk because they get bought for beer. 

I am  a victim because sometimes my friends will call me for a few drinks. You join them and find they have bought a mzinga,what do you do?’

Peter added that when called for drinks one cannot say no, its rude.

‘You join them and drink yourself silly. People who don’t buy alcohol are actually the ones who drink the most.

You will drink so much kutoa stress and then go home with empty hands.

To my fellow men if you know you are broke just go home.’

Another added,

‘That lady is very lucky that the husband is even going with her to the supermarket.

I don’t walk around with my wife, ukitembea na bibi unakua na  umama mingi.’

Another added that he buys everything in his house including tomatoes

‘Every end month I pay rent, school fees and shopping for the house. Any other thing outside that bracket, is her own responsibility. Her money is hers to take care of herself.’

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