Kenyan men have narrated to prominent radio personality Maina Kageni how they live with fear that the kids they bring up might not be theirs.

This was based on a discussion where *Mike who has been married for five years found out that his four month old son is not actually his.

According to Mike women are evil.

‘My 4 month old son belongs to another man,’ Heartbroken man tells Maina Kageni, he responds

*Steve also called in and narrated how his mother kept such a secret his entire life.

‘My dad got ill and sadly he passed away, its only later that my mum called me and told me that the deceased was not my biological dad.

Adding that my dad was the chairman of a cattle dip.

She defended herself stating that my late dad used to be a drunkard whose life revolved in Nairobi and only came to the reserve once in a while.

So when she got pregnant she duped my late dad.

We are friends with my biological father but I do not like him. My late dad did everything for me.

Women are poison.’ Steve remarked.

*Njoro shared his heartbreaking story on how he found out his ‘daughter’ was fathered by someone else.

‘I had a girlfriend turned wife got paged and I waited till after she gave birth.

I  went to her parents home and concluded everything and we started living together.

 I was very happy.’

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He added,

‘I grew very fond of the baby and one and a half years later the mother started acting weird so I did a DNA.

The baby was not mine, I was devastated but I did not tell her anything for a whole month I was planning an exit.

I found a house elsewhere and furnished it, and one day I just left and left everything behind.

She has never even once called me to apologize and I have never called them.’

What would you do if you found out the kid/kids you are bringing up were fathered by someone else?

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