Kenyans have come out to reveal some of the worst things their spouses have ever done to them, despite them taking for ‘better for worse’ vows.

The conversation came about after a woman called Maina Kageni and bragged about how her husband is cooling her heels in Kamiti after defaulting on a loan.

The husband had allegedly taken a Ksh 3.5 million loan without informing her, using part of the money to sponsor their wedding.

‘My husband is rotting in Kamiti over a 3.5 wedding loan,’ brags city woman

*Ken said that he sold a piece of land to educate his ex only to be duped.

‘After selling a piece of land I took my wife to school, she is an orphan, the first semester I went to welcome her she was already pregnant.

She was boldly standing by the door with a man behind her.

When I tried to inquire it became a police case.

I was arrested for three months and she never came to see me even once. I am not married and I am not engaged because the pain is as fresh as though it happened yesterday.’

*Jane was quick to point that for her ‘Asiyekuwepo na lake halipo’. If her man is arrested she will swiftly move on.

‘I cannot wait for anyone if you have been imprisoned and evidence was working against you why should I wait? Am I a bus?

Another added,

‘I was arrested for drunk driving and was taken to Makadara, my wife came and told me I was arrested for my stupidity.

She left me in jail and I had to call my sister to bail me out.’

*Rodgers added,

‘I was once arrested and my wife refused to bail me out.

My conductor called my wife to send her Ksh 5,000 to bail me out and she blankly said ‘hana pesa’.

This was even though she had just been given Pesa ya Chama.

Sadly, I still had to go back to the same house after being released.’ 

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