Juma Jux,Maina Kageni and Nyashinski

Kenyan women left men in shock after admitting to Maina Kageni that they are never shy of being embarrassed or turned down by men they approach.

Many of the callers admitted they had tried severally to contact Maina to no avail.

A shocked Maina Kageni however told them that it kills the thrill when a woman chases a man.


‘One thing I fear is embarrassment , I would die.

Men like chasing a woman and not the other way round.

If it’s hard to meet someone like me why don’t you go for someone who is easy to meet?

What if I am not interested in you?’

*Racheal who had called in stated that the reason she is so interested in Maina is because he looks lonely.

‘Who told you am lonely? Must I be married so that am not lonely?

To which she responded,

‘My heart and body wants Maina.’

From a truck driver to being Kenya’s most prominent media personality: The rise of Maina Kageni

To which Mwalimu King’ang’i responded,

‘Come take him, there are two candidates Maina, who does not know how to cook.

And there is Mike Mondo who can cook.’

*Racheal responded,

‘For now Maina is my main focus, but if I do not succeed may be then I can focus on Mike Mondo.’

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