Men and women will lie about many things. But who knew that they all lied about sex? Well, new research shows that men and women have been lying about some general areas in this sensitive area.

The area that men lie about apart for the size of their manhood’s is how many partners they have had.

According to a study by Kristen Mitchell, a senior research fellow at the University of Glasgow who spoke to Inverse said:

Scientists researching sexual behavior generally have to rely on what people tell them. The interesting thing about opposite-sex lifetime partners is that statistically, the average number reported by men and women should be the same.

But the numbers normally vary, an issue that bothers many researchers. And the researchers were eager to find the reason the disparity as males normally list 14 lifetime partners and females 7.

As it takes two to tango, their must be someone lying. Researchers examined the responses of 6,023 men and 7,170 women in the research.

The extra investigation revealed that dudes were much more likely to estimate rather than count their lifetime partners.

Also seen was that women under-report their number of sexual partners, so they adjusted the gap to reflect the likelihood that those attitudes were downplaying the accuracy of the data.

Mitchell concluded:

This [the narrowing of the gender gap after adjusting for attitudes about sex] suggests that social expectations of men to be sexually active and women to be sexually chaste still has an influence.

The study then reasons that misreporting may stem from a desire for dudes and women to conform to how society believes they should behave.

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