It is not everyday you see a hairy woman who loves and is proud of her looks like Queen Okafor.

Queen Nonyerem Okafor is a Nigerian-born, 29-year-old lady who is said to be the hairiest woman in Africa.

Her dream is to one day be an actress. Queen told Nigerian media that “If I have the opportunity of becoming an actress, I can do that but it is to get the right person to help me.”

Adding, “I need somebody to help me because I am perfect in everything I do. I need someone to put me through but people tell me that for some producers or directors, all they are after is to sleep with you. I have not encountered that yet, but people have been telling me to be careful. People get easily attracted to me.”

Queen Okafor has become an online sensation because of her condition. At first born hairless, she started sprouting hair in prodigious quantity at age 21.

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She shows it off in her social media pages and does’t shy away from people.

“The first time it started to grow on my body, I was ashamed, but someone advised me that I shouldn’t bother, that it is a blessing not a curse. The person told me that I am unique, besides, wherever I go, I would be recognised. She advised me that I shouldn’t be ashamed, rather that I should be proud of myself. It was her that gave me strength and boosted my self esteem. Some people think that I am a man. Some think I fixed my breast to deceive people. Men especially find it difficult to believe that I am a woman. It was when we interact that most men are reassured that I am a woman. It has made me to be very popular and recognised in public.”

For Queen Okafor, getting to the point of total acceptant was a road filled with a lot of misinformation that was harmful to her.

She said, “Before the advice came, I was asking God why all these now? I was thinking of what to rub to clear the hair from my skin. I rubbed tortoise faeces and a lot of things people recommend for me to use, but it didn’t remove them, rather it caused more harm than good as I started growing bumps and sores while the hair was still coming out. So, I stopped rubbing those things. I suffered those lumps trying to stop the growth.”

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Here are pictures of Queen Okafor proudly showing off her beard.

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