Millie Odhiambo

Suba Member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo has said that she’s bringing an amendment to the Marriage Act.

Millie who is also known as Mabona said this act will see men publicly declare their children including those sired out of wedlock.

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The outspoken legislator said this following the ongoing drama in Ken Okoth’s family. A woman identified as Anne Thumbi and Kibra MP’s second wife has come out to reveal that they had a son and wants him recognised.

I am bringing an amendment to the Marriage Act compelling all men to publicly declare their children in and out of wedlock while alive and incase they don’t, the mothers should declare. Mourning with shocks and counter shocks can cause another funeral.

Millie Odhiambo

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Millie Odhiambo post ignited mixed reactions, which include;

Frank Frank That’s a good move dead beat dads pia wajitosee

Daniel Ochich ….And also bring another amendment to force married women to publicly declare which children actually belong to their husbands and which ones belong to their mpango wa kando

Ezra Best So if u find out that your husband has another wife outside u die?? Am sure if they declare it alive then most marriages will not survive

Angie Priscah Chogo I was appalled! Adding Monica pain as if she hasn’t gone through enough. That was in bad taste. As Mudavadi and Kalonzo later with wisdom rubbished his theatrics.

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Cde Godfrey Wakah For the purposes of peace, withdraw that wild thought.

Muchembi Faith Yes! And men should know we love them, they should also know we know they are naturally polygamous, please bring forth your kids from clandestines, we shall embrace them.

Shadrack Oketch It should be law that every woman declare the father of the child at birth n a DNA done at that point.The birth certificate should bear the name of the biological father.

Nyang Makomoro With or without the bill, the boy child is safe….its only affecting the girl child to what help will it be to a dead man…meanwhile procreate.

Wuod Hunter Kiaye And women too . I need to know both dead and alive children.

Otieno Watata Side chick(s) should be declared basic needs n human rights to avoid men hiding them

Eric Odhiambo The amendment should ask women to stop hiding untill a man dies…

Yusuf Habih Don’t stress Mhesh, Kenya issa side chick/dude society

Caloo Calvins Women should be compelled to declare all the men who have at one time or the other ejaculated into them..they can spare useless condom content owners.

Hillary Rayber  Lets just embrace polygamy and all these shit will be done with.

Kevin Kahugu Instead encourage fellow women to be accommodating to co-wives and everything shall be done in the open.

Sarah Chebet Mutai Introduce bills za maana kama ku legalize bangi!!!!
private issues za families wachana nayo!