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No woman wants a man who is useless in bed. Every woman wants that bedroom bully so that whenever she is hanging out with her friends during that chama meeting, she is able to boast to her fellow women how her man takes her to cloud 9 and what happens behind closed doors.

“Aki Shuma Ya Boss Wangu Ni Kubwa Na Tamu”, Confesses Kikuyu Woman

Well, a Kenyan woman has decided to air her views on sexual matters and according to her, she loves it gentle. She is not a fan of men who change sex positions every second. Kwani ni mahindi unachoma?

Read what she wrote;

“I like composed sex, systematic. I hate people who change styles after every 5 seconds just to showcase their skills. Mtu anakupindupindua ovyo ovyo kama anachoma nyama; mnaanza kamissionary and then twarf like lightning unawekwa kadoggie, then pap ndio nyinyi hao kamosquitoe style eeeeh dude that energy peleka kwa mjengo. 

I like Being kissed while being pumped at the same time and compliments, oh babie I wished for this, oh baby you are hot etc. And I hate interviews, ‘wewe ni Wa nani? What’s my name? Umewahi wekwa hivyo tena? Raila ako na mabibi wangapi? Ex wako alikuwa mtamu kuniliko? Nkt kasia. NB. In my next life, I want to be a man.”

Here is the screenshot

Kenyan Woman
Kenyan woman talks about bedroom matters

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you have to say about this?

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