Kenyan women have confessed that most of them have a back up man just in case things don’t work out between them and their spouses.

Shocking as it may sound it is the sad reality on the ground.

Here are some of the reasons women gave

‘Stima ikipotea lazima ukue na back up.

I have been married for seven years and I have a man on the side. In-case things are not working with my husband I always call the side guy.

My husband does not know about it and am happy’

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*Mary said

‘Backup ni lazima, I have had a backup man since 2013 because men started it.

You cheat and you expect us to forgive.

They cheat once,twice and then you now decide to let him cheat.

So my side guy is majorly to console me when I am down.

I do not regret and I am not guilty about it.’

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*Njoki added

‘ I have been married for 10 years and every year my husband has cheated on me with two women. 

Recently I contemplated suicide but someone came into my life and I am so happy. I do not know what I have been doing all these years.

I am always praying for when my husband will go on safari so that I can meet my side guy.

Sometimes I feel like calling up my husband’s side chicks and just tell them to keep him a little longer.’

Just when you have heard enough *Robert said that his wife has different men and he even knows about them.

‘To my wife I am number two or three. I am 100% sure but I decided to move on.

If you get into a marriage thinking that it’s a one man one woman type of relationship then you have no business being in marriage.’

Another man added

‘ I have found my wife with another man. But what can you do.

Sometimes you just look at them and they pretend how they have missed you, even though they have been with another man a few hours before.

You cannot be with this woman the whole day.

People are living together only because of the kids.


‘The person who sleeps with your wife is someone I know very well.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids are my own. That is life, you have to be there for your kids.’

Another man narrated how he painfully watched his wife being taken to a lodging.

‘I saw my wife with another man. I followed them one day.

Wakaenda mpaka kwa hoteli… I even called her and she lied straight to my face telling me she’s with her friend to top it all off, I know this guy.”

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