Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo. /COURTESY
Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo at a past event. photo credit. Instagram

Back during their days at NTV, Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo were the ultimate TV couple as they hosted prime time news.

But as they say, the only thing constant in life is change and the two have since moved on. Madowo got an enviable gig with British broadcaster BBC as the business editor, while Rubadiri moved to Citizen TV and hosts two prime shows during the weekend – one by herself on Saturday and the other one with another veteran – Jeff Koinange – on Sunday.

Madowo has been living the life of a jetsetter as he travels to and from BBC’s world headquarters in the UK. At other times, he is in Kenya or hosting some gig somewhere abroad.

But in between Rubadiri’s and Madowo’s busy schedules, the two made time to catch up and the latter shared a photo and captioned it: “Ah, memories! Great catching up with my old partner in crime.”

The two are a perfect example of how one can climb up the ladder from humble beginnings to the top echelons of power in their careers.

Rubadiri has previously shared her story of the struggles she went through before she got a job in the media after returning from the US where she had lived for many years. The struggle was made harder by the fact that she was a single mother, having gotten pregnant as a teenager. She overcame the challenges and has risen up the ranks to be a senior anchor.

Madowo also had humble beginnings and his star started to shine when he worked at KTN as a business reporter. He would sign off with a pause between saying his first and second names and some thought he was just some corny anchor whose future may not be bright, but he proved the naysayers wrong. He went on to NTV and rose up the ranks. He hosted the highly popular show – The Trend – which he took over from journalist James Smart and then later transitioned into hosting a politics show. After having strong views on politics, he ended up cutting ties with his employer and voila, he got a job with BBC.

Well, that’s motivation to anyone struggling to find their space in whatever field they are in.

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