Kiharu member of parliament Ndindi Nyoro and his counterpart Maina Kamanda are trending for engaging in a scuffle inside a church.

Many are shocked at how relaxed churches have become to the extent of letting politicians take over their churches.

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Maina Kamanda and Ndindi Nyoro

In the past, we have heard all crazy thing coming from churches all over the world.

Below are some of the reactions from the scuffle.

@MugamboWaAfrica: I think our churches have been corrupted and blinded by politicians money they are no longer preaching the gospel they have decided to be political sympathizers.
@InjeraNick: The #ShameOnTheChurches is because most churches have become more of marketplaces. The mission of the church does not focus on people’s SPIRITUALITY anymore, but GIVING is the order of the day. Preying on the weak is what they are doing.
@ThePauWorld: It’s a high time the government regulates the establishment of churches in Kenya. These people have become too much!!
@ThePauWorld: The holy places meant for worship have been changed into battling grounds for politicians. The higher bidder gets the invitation for the church service to use it for political millage!! We are bewitched!!
@Valerian254: Kama hii ndo maombi let me pray my God from home instead of this shameful acts from the so called “Men of God”!!

Below are craziest church memes on the internet.

A pastor sprays a congregant with a pesticide
A pastor asks a female congregant to remove her inner wear.
A pastor offering ‘personalized prayers.’
A pastor preaches while stepping on the backs of his church members
A pastor caught eating the forbidden fruit


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