Millicent Omanga

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga says the worst experience she has had on social media was when trolls put up memes following her clash with Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

Millicent Omanga
Millicent Omanga

The two clashed after the senator told the MP to respect Interior CS Fred Matiang’i. She told Word Is:

I saw people drawing me sitting on Babu Owino.


It was really embarrassing and I felt so bad because I tried to imagine what if my daughter or son sees that about their mother, or they go to school and their friends are like, ‘Your mum was on social media doing this and that’. That one killed me.

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In a Facebook post that was later deleted, Omanga called Babu a ‘small boy’ and said she would deal with him personally if the government failed to.

She also said she would circumcise the MP, a statement that infuriated Babu. The vocal MP retaliated in the comments, alleging Senator Omanga had slept with many men to get to the top, then shared a photo of a hippo wearing a bikini and named it “Millipedes Omanga”.

Omanga, however, said she had tried to let her children understand what goes on on social media. She said:

I start pre-empting and talking to them and explaining to them that nowadays this and that is happening on social media, indirectly, so that in case they come across something because sometimes they might not tell you, they will remember mum told us this and that.

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The two legislators have since resolved their differences. They were together at an event where they awarded bursaries to needy students in Babu’s constituency. She said:

Babu has been my friend since our days in university and we support each other.