Kenyan rapper Mejja also known as Okwonko has talked about his life growing up with a single mother.

Unfortunately she got a brain tumor.

Speaking during an interview with Jalango, Mejja revealed that he is a lone ranger but not by choice as he has no relatives.

‘I grew up in Majengo, Nyeri with my mum who was a single mother.

She was the breadwinner until she got a brain tumour.

It was devastating as she was our stability.

My mum was brought up in a children’s home.

My grandmother brought her up but when she died my mum was thrown out after they claimed she was not their ‘daughter.’

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Mejja added,

‘I have no known relatives it’s only now that am married that I can claim my wife’s family as mine.

This really affects me when it’s the holiday season and everyone is going home to see their loved ones and I have no one to go to.

The people I meet are my family.

I started hustling and trying to do music after my mum got sick.’

If you have a family, don’t take them for granted there are people who would do anything to have a family.

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