Mejja and Vekta

Kenyans will this weekend be treated to a fun filled event by the legendary Mejja alias Okwonko and celebrated Kisii rapper Vekta.

The event  which is going down today, Saturday 24th will be held at Canvas Lounge, Kisii. It is meant to celebrate the diverse Kenyan music.

Kenyans were curious as to why Genge and not any other music, with many asking kwani Kisii kuna genge.

You may be shocked at the great milestones Kisii music has gone through in this past few years.

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Speaking on the biggest and most anticipated event this weekend Vekta, who will be performing alongside Mejja said

‘Gusii land is so diverse when it comes to art and music.

The industry took a turn in 2017 after Kisii’s made a legendary song ‘ntwarwara tiga toragere’ which means ‘We were hungry let’s feast.

It’s actually one of the best songs of opposition leader Raila Odinga.’

Well guys if you did not have any weekend plans, now you do.

Doors will be opened from 5:00pm till late.

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