Otile Brown

Otile Brown has finally spoken up about his relationship with socialite Vera Sidika.

He has spoken candidly about where he met her, how he dumped his Tanzanian ex and if her derrière and bossom feel plastic to the touch.

Otile was speaking to Mzazi Willy Tuva when he made the revelations.

So, what is his relationship with Vera Sidika away from all the social media PDA?

“I think i made that clear, Vee is my woman, my lover and BFF and yes we have a love relationship.”

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Otile BrownOtile added, “We started as friends, for  long time we have know each other only that a lot of the time she has been travelling out of the country that is why people have not being seeing us together. So when she travelled back, it so happened that I live in the same neighbourhood as she does. then se started going out more and feels developed”

Adding, “Then it just happened. Have you ever seen how you can know someone as  pal until you are real and free with each other. To top that up you understand each other. Then we asked ourselves, look at all this chemistry, why can’t we roll? And it happened, naturally, organically.”

Asked about his light skinned Tanzanian bae, Otile said,

“Yeah, tuliachana.”

So, did you meet Vera when she was single or you snatched her from a poor unsuspecting lad?

Laughing, Otile stuttered, “I meet her when she was single. She was very single.”

He continued, “Like I told you, we have a relationship where we told each other everything. That is why I say, she is my best friend first before she is my lover. I know her deep dark secrets and there is nothing Vera doesn’t know about me.”

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Vera SidikaThe three things he loves about Vera?

“She is very smart. I love that about her, yaani I have meet many girls but none rivals her brains and smarts. Her IQ is not like anyone I have met. “

Adding, “Another thing is, she is very caring. Vera is the type of person who, if you hurt her she can cry, she is not the tough chic you see.  We are all entertainers and people can judge you on social media and set their mind about you.”

“This is entertainment, when you get to know someone, they demolish all your misconceptions about them. Vera has a soft heart and a loving heart.”

Sauti Sol mock Otile's relationship with plastic bubby(Vera Sidika)

Sautisol mock Otile Brown's relationship with plastic bubby(Vera Sidika)

Posted by Mpasho News on Friday, May 18, 2018

Will you propose?

Otile said, “Anytime now. She has many wife material qualities. Amepitiliza, ako na vigezo mingi sana, wachana na social media msee, anaweza sana. “

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Vera in Maldives
Vera in Maldives

Some of the negative things fans say that get to Otile, are utterances about Vera’s physic, claiming that it is fake.

“It got to a point where I had a back and forth with fans who claimed part of her body is fake, it is plastic. Vera is a superstar manze,” Otile said defending her.

When asked by Mzazi Willy Tuva if indeed her assets are plastic, Otile retorted.

“Mtoto sio plastiki, mwanagu, Kile ni kitu chingine tofauti, yaani ni malaika.”

Meanwhile you can check out this video of Kiss FM’s Shaffie Weru copping a feel of Vera’s newly acquired derriere and bossom. This was back in 2016.

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