Kenyan bloggers have been in trouble for the last few months, and it looks like arresting bloggers and activists has become a trend in the country.

Lately, there have been arrest of various bloggers especially when it comes to writing about anything political or any article touching on the government.

The recent arrests have even seen even journalists being arrested or summoned by the police for only retweeting anything political or which has a negative effect or comments about the government.

PATIKANA! Man Arrested For Sharing Photos Of The Soldiers Slain By Alshabaab

Following the recent attack on KDF soldiers by Al-shaabab at an AMISOM camps in El-Adde Somalia, the government put up strict rules restricting anyone from sharing photos of the slain bodies and anyone found guilty would face charges.


And one man faced the law when he was arraigned in Kiambu Law Court for going against this when he shared the photos Whatsapp group.

No Jokes! This Is The Man Who Was Arrested For Sharing Photos Of Slain KDF Soldiers By Al-Shaabab

In regards to bloggers, how about we give you the most popular Kenyan bloggers who have found themselves at crossroads with the authorities for writing about sensitive government affairs.

All those on this list have at least been summoned to appear at CID headquarters or have been arrested at one point, especially for going against the infamous section 29 (b) of the Kenya Information and Communications Act.

Some of them have become so influential that police, politicians and public figures are always looking out for them.

He is known to be the most brave and fearless blogger in the country and he loves exposing anything, especially political issues, if he feels that there is injustice done and if it’s malicious. Alai has the public support everytime.

Kenyans On Twitter React To Robert Alai’s Summon By CID!

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