Susan Mwaniki a student at Mount Kenya University has accused Willy Paul of assaulting her and threatening to scald her with hot water and even shoot her.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho Susan said that she first interacted with Willy Paul when he was looking for a video vixen.

There was a time he posted on his Insta stories that he wanted a video vixen and that anyone interested should talk to him. So I did, I gave him my number after he asked for it.

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After that I don’t know how business turned into other things. We started dating even before the video happened.  I did not get to be a video vixen.

In text messages shared with Mpasho Susan said that,

He is everything you hear about him, violent, disrespectful and above all foolish. There is nothing I never did for this man even lending him a little loan when in need, and putting up with his insults and mad behavior but early may he went overboard.

Will Paul assaulted the student who later reported the death threats at Thika Police station.

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Below are her photos.


Susan Mwaniki

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