Rose Gakuo

K24 news anchor Rose Gakuo went ham on governors on Tuesday afternoon after they kept journalists waiting for hours.

The former student leader at Laikipia University did not sit back and take disrespect from the governors who kept them waiting from noon to 2 pm.

“The issue is not the time that your excellencies needed to address the county revenue bill and other important matters. The problem is the media invitation which invitation indicated we would begin at 12:30,” she told the governors who gawked at her in shock.

Rose continued, “Perhaps if we were told 2:00, we would have been here at that time and we would have made time, being told to wait for two hours is really unfair on our side.”

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Watch the video below.

Anyhow, the council of governor’s chair listened to her grievances apologised and went ahead to announce that “Beginning September 16, if the issue will not have been resolved we will have no option but to shut down all counties.”

Adding, “County staff should not expect any salaries. Some have not been paid for two months now.”

In a past social media post, Rose wrote, “Get mad, get over it. Anger is a healthy emotion, and we all feel it. We get mad at friends, colleagues, family and it’s alright, it’s alright to ventilate just not right to not let it go.”

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Well, guys, meet Rose Gakuo the petite firebrand that called ut the governors for their tardiness.

Rose Gakuo Rose Gakuo Rose Gakuo Rose Gakuo Rose Gakuo Rose Gakuo

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