matatu-driver hero

There is a new hero in town. He doesn’t hail from Wakanda or a wear tight body suit. He is someone we see daily. A matatu driver identified only as George.

George saved the life of a mother and his newborn and even checked up on them to ensure they are fairing okay. He did this without a thought on missing out on making money during rush hour.

A Facebook post by Ndungu Nyoro highlighting George’s act of kindness has gone viral.

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Read the post below.

“My hero of the day is George. George is a bus driver dedicated to his work in matatu industry along Thika road. Earlier today one of his passengers went into labor in the bus. The conductor and other passengers, ladies included, took off.

Perhaps with minimal options, George gathered strength, guided the helpless mother in delivery and as soon as the baby’s head popped out he rushed mother and baby to Neema Hospital along Thika Road. The two are safe and excited to be together.

George later resumed his duties happy that he saved two lives.

Please help me congratulate this Good Samaritan. Isn’t he an angel?”

One Nairobian agreed, Annita Ngugi said, “Congrats George i know him he has a good heart even talking to people as well. Kudos.”

Nairobians were so impressed, here are some of their touching messages congratulating George.

Wacuka K. Githu: From his testimony when the head popped he helped the lady push the baby baby was delivered, he told the lady to hold the baby closed the door and rushed her and baby boy to neema hospital, he even called the hubby who was in Narok and later followed up to ensure baby n mum are okay, if this guy is not a hero then I don’t know the meaning of the word, God bless you George

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Gichohi Zachary: Some years back same thing happened to this Neema hospital if am not wrong, seems the drivers from thika rd are special ones kudos.

Blsd Joycz Kagwa: This man is a hero. Thou a mother of 3, in his place I would be shaky but this George didn’t have a second thought in saving the precious life. I wouldn’t know what could have happened if he chickened too! God bless him mighty and may he never lack help whenever he will require it.

Nomiss Ekioyn Lekopen: We need to reward such a benevolent act… Open a paybill we buy him a whole ma3..there are moments in life when a man’s single act can dignify his whole existence…

Kuria Erastus Kitambo: it was the ladies who took charge in scenes like this, but the ones around took off. Congrats George for this heroic act. God bless.

Kajuju Mwogora: My favourite mat when am using them .This driver is a very disciplined guy. Am proud of my route driver.

Joe Muhahami: The little acts that give hope to mankind. Many Blessings find their way to George.

Wanjirû Ngarî: Blessings upon you Mr George. Humanity at its best. May you never lack

Njambi Mwangi wrote, “These are the people that deserve state commendations..not the likes of githeri man surely.”

Shee Munyi: Right person in the wrong career..congratulations sir

Philomena Nyathira: I am shedding tears of joy already, may he be blessed mightily. He is a true hero.

Gikonyo Patoo: He is a hero full of kindness. May the nature be kind also to him

Blessed Grace Wangari: The hero of this year 2018. May he NEVER lack.

Loise Madantes: wooooow, one in a million be blessed george

Maureen Wawira: 😍😍😍Sweetest thing I have read today👏👏👏👏Job well done George

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