Grand P and Eudoxie

Eudoxie Yao is famed for her mammoth booty, hips, and humongous boobs.

The Ivory Coast-born socialite has been trending for the past week, not because of her voluptuous body but her new lover.

 Eudoxie and Grand P

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Eudoxie is dating Guinean musician Grand P, who suffers from Short Stature disorder which has affected his height. He is very short.

Short stature is a general term used to describe a condition in which a child or a teen’s height is well below the average height of his or her peers.

The couple has faced criticism on social media and responding to trolls, the well endowed plus size mode said they were happy.

‘We are happy together, and this is the most important thing. Thank you, all for your support. The physical does not count in a relationship,’ she posted on Instagram.

In another post, Eudoxie revealed that Grand P was a ‘bedroom bully’.

Really little hammer 🔨 break big stones 👏 too many loves for my love…

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Grand P, who has declared his interest in the 2020 Guinea presidential election, is smitten with Yao and has been showering her with love.

‘My Queen eudoxie yao ❤’ reads one of his posts.

The social media sensation revealed that she was barred from vying for her country’s presidential seat and can’t wait to become Guinea’s, first lady.

‘My husband Grand P the future president of the Republic of Guinea ♥ ️ fully supports
Me. my candidacy for the presidential election of Côte d’Ivoire was refused but I do not despair of meeting in 2025 for my candidacy. Even if I am not the president of Côte d’Ivoire I can be the first lady of Guinea I believe in it 👌,’ she posted.

 Eudoxie Yao

Check out photos of Eudoxie and Grand P.

Eudoxie and Grand P

 Eudoxie and Grand P  Eudoxie and Grand P  Eudoxie and Grand P

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 Eudoxie and Grand P  Eudoxie and Grand P  Eudoxie and Grand P

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