The young, beautiful, talented Gloria Nyabange AKA Xtatic is one of the most phenomenal musical talent Kenya has ever had. She’s an exemplar example of what real talent should be like.

When she steps into our offices, she looks totally calm and collected, establishing an instant warm connection with me. I feel it should be this way; wherever you go, you should bring in positive energy.

She’s not the gangsta type of a rapper; her flow is uniquely different and visionary. She aims to be the more than what is expected of her in the next three years.

The “Hit “Em Up” hit maker has just released a new mixtape dubbed “Let Me Explain”, which has gotten a lot of success. It was released when she was signed to Sony Africa Music.

“It’s received a lot of great reviews like at first I couldn’t imagine. At first I was pretty upset because I couldn’t include one of the songs that was supposed to be there since there were supposed to be ten songs and they came as nine songs,” she reveals fondly.

Her latest effort is a significant part of her life as it is a mark of immense progress as an artiste.

She’s planning to release an EP soon, which could eventually lead to Platinum selling album. Xtatic, whose management is based in the USA has had exposure to international acts when it comes to music.

For instance, “Hit ‘Em Up” was in collaboration with AKA, a legendary South African Rapper who has opened for the likes of Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, 2 Chainz among others.

She’s truly come a long way to be where she is today. Talking of her favorite childhood memory, she remembers it like it was an hour ago.

“When I was living in Kisii, you know, that environment itself is breathtaking. It’s serene and I love being upcountry – it just gave me peace of mind,” she recalls. The feeling of relaxation when she lay under a tree in her grandfather’s compound and looked at the sprawling tea farms was her ideal holiday vacation.

Xtatic is bold and embraces realism. She’s well informed and quite talkative. I’m not even mad because that’s the embodiment of what a rapper needs to be; full of content. She however remembers one time that she went on stage and totally lacked what to say; it was her most embarrassing moment in life.

“I have plenty but non would beat when I was at MC Africa,” she reveals her most embarrassing moment. “I really had no idea what I was getting into…I was pretty into the final round (of the competition) and I got a little bit drunk – just a little bit – and I kind of lost all words. I was sold to battle point blank…it was just so bad,” she adds.

This happened when she was 17 – you know how teenagers can be experimental. Xtatic, now mature and experienced with life, is keen on taking on the new frontier. She credits the love of her life, her baby daddy and boyfriend for being the most supportive person she’s ever met.

Considering that there’s a booming market for “upcoming socialites” in Kenya, she couldn’t help but weigh in on the issue. They’re known to live in posh apartments, drive big cars and have access to the most exclusive parties in Kenya. They’re slowly becoming household names and young girls are looking up to them despite them being rumored to be ‘high class escorts.’

When I asked her whom she thought was the smartest socialite in Kenya, she was lost for choice until she ultimately settled;

“I don’t know, man, I don’t know. I feel like all of them are smart. For them to get all those followers they’re really smart. Notably ofcourse Vera and Huddah, I think they have small businesses going on,” she opines.

However, she doesn’t like their style entirely!

“What I don’t agree with them is that all of their (social media) statuses, their updates and Instagram captions are the same! They’re like, haters, blah blah blah…it’s always about writing these captions that should capture everyone who’s hating,” the rapper who’s adorably different says.

“I’m like don’t care about them. Live life…say where you are, say you’re enjoying this. Don’t have a photo – a selfie and say ‘oh people will hate but I will still -‘ come on!,” she concludes, visibly tired of their predictable demeanor.

Xtatic says that it’s a sign of insecurity, it shows people how lonesome you are.

“I’m a loner myself but I don’t publicize it like, ‘I’m Sad,’” she advises. When I asked her if being lonely meant that she was a single mother, she was quick to explain that most of the time she travels she’s usually alone.

That’s the moment that needs you to be with comfortable with your own company. She’s been in a 4-5 year relationship, something that breaks the hearts of #TeamMafisi.

“Everything about him is awesome. He’s the reason why I can talk like this. He’s the reason why I can talk with so much confidence…the reason why I am who I am right now. I remember when we met and I was this shy girl; I couldn’t even perform. I would look down and perform,” she gushes about the qualities of the man of her life.

“I don’t think any girl can say she has never gotten a lesbian experience”

He was the musical director of her first video and is the person who changed her life, who told her that she could achieve the impossible. She trusted him enough to be the mother to his baby.

It may have come to public speculation that she may have gotten pregnant while too young but Xtatic says she knew what she was doing and was perfectly ready for it.

“Yeah, I don’t think any girl can say she has never gotten a lesbian experience, especially me as a rapper because I’m that person everybody thinks, ‘she’s probably a lesbian’ and I don’t mind really. Because, you know, I feel like most girls are conserved but are just bisexual in a way,” she admits.

“We can long hug and say we love each other and kiss in the mouth…I think it’s just people who are like ‘I’m straight! I don’t like those!’ but inside, there’s a way we are all bisexual,” she frankly adds.

The rapper says that she gets messages from girls a lot and she appreciates it; all she does is reciprocate the love back by messaging them sweetly.

Watch the video interview below: