This year has been savage to Kenyan celebrities! So many have been jacked or had their houses burgled into and the savagery seems to know no end. This year, no less than 5 celebrities have had an interaction with thieves and gangsters.

So I decided to compile a list for you and yours of the celebrities who have been jacked and trust that this will be an interesting list. I want it to start from the list from yester year, the celebrities who got jacked just to touch base.

And from last year, these are the celebrities who have been robbed:

Rabbit (gunpoint)

Popular Kenyan Musician Rabbit Robbed At Gun Point (VIDEO)

Homie had a gun pointed at him while at a popular eatery in Nairobi West and to his credit, he was cognizant of the level of danger he was in and kept cool and calm.

Adelle Onyango (gunpoint)

NAIROBERRY! Popular Kiss FM Presenter Adelle Onyango Robbed Blind

Adelle was with her boyfriend when some gun-totting thugs decided to acquaint the Kiss 100 star to their guns. Luckily she wasn’t harmed in any way shape or form.

Larry Madowo

Nowhere Is Safe! Larry Madowo Robbed Blind In London

Trust Larry Madowo to get jacked in London. As in, even the obs in London can smell the soft underbelly he tots around. The meek are meat for the strong to eat.

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