Her name is Becky Hammon and she has an incredible story behind her success. The assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs has history in the game as she was a star point guard for the team 8 years ago. The spurs are the current defending NBA champions.

In the current issue of Marie Claire, she says that when playing, she was ” always smaller and slower than everybody else, so I had to figure out other ways to be successful.”

“Some people can survive on their athleticism; I had to survive on my brain,” she adds.

Her journey as a coach began when she was on a flight home from the London Olympic games. She was seated next to the head coach Gregg Popovich, with whom she talked about everything basketball with.

This laid a special ground for her to be a permanent coach. She says that when she’s in the Spurs locker room, she’s “getting to know these guys as people, and as players. You have to develop a rapport. They give me a lot of respect.”

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