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The erection period is here with us, again!! Sorry if I said erection. I meant election. Our Constitution has compelled us to go to the ballot after every five years, and any time in-between when circumstances arise – they are called by-elections.

It’s that time when everybody who thinks has leadership skills jostles for a piece of the political pie. I once happened to be a class monitor, or prefect (depending on where you you schooled), and to be honest, the pressure that comes with being at the helm is just too much! I barely had time to study because I was supposed to always “maintain law and order” for “my” class.

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So, I understand quite well what every other person in leadership, especially in an elected position, go through. It’s never an easy ride. Please don’t laugh it off.


As we head to the elections, a lot of women have fronted themselves as candidates for various elective political seats. Among them is the gorgeous Njeri Thorne, who will be vying for the Lang’ata Parliamentary seat on a Jubilee Party ticket.

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By far, she might pass as the most s3xy aspirant to have declared their intentions to vie for any political seat in the 2017 general elections. You want to beleive in what I am saying?? You will have to check out her photos…