Tanasha Donna and her Manager

Tanasha Donna is currently rocking the airwaves with her new jam ‘Nah Easy’. One person who goes unnoticed however is her manager.

Tanasha’s manager Faiza Hersi is a woman of many hats.

Pabal Gurang once said

A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman,but a beautiful woman with brains is a lethal combination.


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Going by her social media, Faiza describes herself as concert producer, restaurant owner, Communications specialist and a philanthropist.

Going by the message below it is obvious that the two girls are more than client and boss.

Thank you @tanashadonnafor trusting and taking me on this journey with you as your manager.

This has been one of those things I knew I’d fall into eventually, but I feel absolutely blessed to have fallen into it with you baby girl! Let’s get to this bagggg, baby! 🌪🎼👑 

Tanasha responds by thanking Faiza for having her back

Thank you so so much love/mrs Manager ❤️❤️❤️

Tanasha Donna’s manager


Tanasha Donna Manager

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Faiza Hersi,Tanasha Donna manager
Faiza Hersi
Tanasha Donna’s manager Faiza

Love or hate her Faiza is someone to watch out for.

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