3. Abby

She was among the first women who made it to Big Brother Africa’s season 1 back in 2003. Abby was the sexiest lady in the house that Uganda’s Gaetano could not handle. Abigail Brigette Plaatjies was from Durban, South Africa.

4. Feza

Feza is beautiful. She gained fame after appearing on the Big Brother Show in 2013. Although she did not make it to the finals, Feza did her best, unlike her counterparts who always liked drama, she was calm and collected. Feza was best known for her red hairstyle trademark.

5. Jen

Jeniffer Mussanhane from Maputo Mozambique, became the first housemate in the history of Big Brother Africa to leave the series. Jen was among the housemates of the fourth edition in 2009. She was indeed the hottest and sexiest followed by Meryl.