By now you know Sauti Sol has news single out, Extravaganza, that everyone is jammin’ to.

You know what, check it out below for yourself.

As you have all seen, there is a stunning singer, Crystal Asige, among the men featured on the track.

She is the first lady of Sol Generation.

Crystal has a wealth of experience from working in the music scene both locally and abroad.

Largely influenced by Afro, Soul and Funk music, her performances in Mombasa, Nairobi and the UK draw an eclectic and zealous group of fans where she and her LIVE band ‘Chemi Chemi’ give them a show to remember.

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Crystal-Asige-8Having celebrated her first number one with her single ‘Pulled Under’ in a UK-based chart show (2016), Crystal has her eyes set not just on success in Kenya or East Africa, but far beyond.

She was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease as a teenager, Crystal’s condition has taught her how to live by faith – not by sight, be fearless and stay humble all at once.

In a past interview with Daily Nation, Crystal said:

“If you meet someone who is different from you, physically or otherwise, don’t be fooled because they probably are doing much better than you would think. Don’t pity or discriminate them. Choose to love them instead.”

Music became her tool of expression and healing but most important challenges her to break through human-made barriers and stereotypes which she shares candidly at speaking engagements.

“When I flip them over, challenges become opportunities. I can no longer see at night – so the (electricity) bill is less. I can no longer drive so I am never the designated driver.

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I can no longer read print so I relax as someone kindly volunteers to be my audio book. I can no longer see past the first row at a gig so stage fright is but a memory.

At the end of the day, I am OK with the things that I can’t do because there’s so much that I can do. You just have to be creative, and that goes for anyone in any situation, really. I have glaucoma, but glaucoma doesn’t have me,” she says.

Crystal’s 2014 EP titled ‘Karibia’ did very well in introducing her to the world and showcasing her fresh approach at Kenyan music.

Here are photos of the first lady of Kenya’s leading label, Sol generation.Crystal-Asige-8 Crystal-Asige-8 Crystal-Asige-8 Crystal-Asige-8

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