Purity Mwende Mutuko

M-Pesa agents are not safe. They face a daily risk of being robbed in broad daylight with armed robbers and unsuspecting women, they usually have no choice but to oblige.

Purity Mwende Mutuko has been named as a notorious woman terrorizing M-Pesa agents countywide especially in the city under the sun.

According to various M-Pesa agents, Mwende has conned them thousands of shillings in cash. She apparently visits M-Pesa agents asking to deposit huge sums of cash for the agents only to realize that the notes are fake.

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An M-Pesa agent by the name Cassie Brendah is the latest victim to be conned by Mwende Mutuko and she took to social media to expose her calling upon other agents to be vigilant.

Mwende Mutuko
Mwende Mutuko, city woman conning M-Pesa agents

“The woman above goes by the name Purity Mwende Mutuko (as per ID given) aka mama Sam. She came to my new Mpesa (3 days old) wanting to deposit 60k. As per protocol, I asked for her ID and the cash.  I counter checked the cash, it was genuine and intact. She then said I wait she calls the two people she wanted to send the money to and they were mteja and I should give it back apeleke bank.

Purity Mwende Mutuko

Immediately I gave her, another lady walks in wanting a cover and just as I turned to pick a cover from the wall display, (as per CCTV footage) this is the time she swapped the 60k bundle with a fake bundle of the same in her purse. In split of a second, Immediately I turned she was standing there and requested I just deposit it with an extra 1k to cater for charges just in case ‘hawana ya kutoa’.

Long story short, its after she left the shop that I had a strange feeling n went back to the till box only to find a bundle of strange notes. The cover lady was used to keep me busy a little longer to buy time for purity to have withdrawn the cash. Tried reversal but it was too late,” Brendah wrote in part.

Purity Mwende Mutuko

The victim has since shared the CCTV footage showing how Mwende conned her.

‘Observe the red purse keenly for the 2 different bundles and the video for the swapping. Real quick.
0704-154640 Is the number she was using, registered under Purity Mwende Mutuko.
I have posted this to alert any unsuspecting Kenyans because from my post on n Fb group, many members of the public have suffered in her hands as early as 2010 and amounts up to 150k in some cases. Most recognised her, just as i will Never forget her face. Not in a lifetime. Anyone with leads to her arrest kindly DM.”

We tried to call Purity Mwende to confirm these allegations but her phone was switched off.

Here are reactions from social media:

Juliana Munini: She conned me too hadi nikafunga mpesa buru 35k😈 indeed. Siku yake itafika

Fransiscar Pascal: Ya haramu huenda na maji n her days r numberd soon she will get herself in a,situation

Cosy Goodluck: Pole mama,as long as u r alive God will bles u with much mo. Bt 4 this lady eitha soon or later atajua hanjui coz mkono Wa hessy ni mrefu,she will end up in jail or grave

Purity Mwende Mutuko

Bangkuon Mukimo: Akamatwe.sisi wamama tunahustle karibu tuende mjengo wengine wanataka super highway kupata pesa.hakuna!

Lesedi Leila: Huyo Mokoro Akule Copper. Pia Wakanesa Wamejua Ujanja 😛 Haikosi Anatumia Kamote Bt 40dayz Haitambui

Barbie Gal: Well Mungu n wa miujiza she wanted me to deposit for her 47k but luckily sikuwa na float I had only 600 kwa float n nikamwambia since my mpesa iko kwa bank aeende kwa counter aeekewe n she refused akadai apendi story za bank ….. I love you GOD … So ningeibiwa tew ivo na vile I don’t confirm money. Thanks, I will be on the the lookout

Mwasfelix Gathu: That’s very bad from a woman of her age!

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