Monica Kanari
Monica Kanari is a Kenyan designer who returned a whooping Ksh 15,306,689 that was erroneously deposited into her account. Knowing that many of us would take advantage, one has to wonder where Kanari found the strengt to return the money she received on December 20th, 2016.

Truly, she doesn’t take what doesn’t belong to her. What a soul!
She asked her bank to re-wire the money to where it had come from.

Monicah, who is a designer of a company called Occasions and Days says she didn’t supply any goods for the money.

“I was surprised to get money in my account, a whole Sh15 million and when I asked my bank, they told me it had been sent from Central Bank. On further inquiry, I discovered it had been sent from the NYS and I felt the good thing is to ask the bank to re-wire the money back to where it came from. I even wrote to the PS about this,” She said as quoted by The Standard

Monica Kanari
Since the reversal of the money, the matter has been on the low key and was recently stirred by the ongoing NYS Saga.

Monica’s company, Occasions and Days Ltd’s was named among the companies that received Ksh9 billion that has gone missing at NYS.

Monica Kanari
On the other hand, KRA is asking for Ksh 10Million in tax arrears from Kanari for receiving the money.