MCA Tricky

MCA Tricky has finally introduced one person from his family: His grandmother. The comedian shared a photo of his grandma on social media as he wished her a happy birthday.

MCA Tricky

Apparently the two share a birthday. The only difference is that his Grandma has more than a hundred years.

MCA wrote;

“Celebrated birthday na Shushu
100+ yrs old!We share birthdays imagine!! Alikua ananiuliza kama naskia kitu anaskia😂😂😂”

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Last weekend, the comedian was treated to a birthday surprise during the airing of the Churchill show in Mombasa.

Check out what fans had to say;

getrude nolega: You look alike too just that shes blessed be greatful
zipporahchepchirchir: thanx dia for celebrating with ur shoshi.wsh her some more years too

odoyopolycup05: Hopes you enjoyed spending with her.. Coz at her age she has more stories to tell

jakimkakake: God give her long comfortable life..

benson_karuku: U my best commedian bro…. Happy bash to your grandma

alekhgatz: Hehehehe pia shushu anajua selfie nanii imeweza kaka alafu nilisikia Jasper murume akona kichwa bigii akifikisha 70yrs atakuwa planet

eunice.emmy.254: Happy Birthday shosh,@tricky leta area code ya cake usifanye bush ikue tricky hivyo😊