He’s Harrison Mumia, a man who doesn’t believe in God and a leader of the atheists in Kenya. He’s championing a petition to have the two religious subjects on the ground that religion divides, controls and misleads people.

In a 2012 article on the group’s website, he argues that he wants to be free from bondage.

“Let me set the record straight for some folks who think we hate god, the religious apologetics. Ever since i was born, ever since i came out of my mothers womb, religion was immediately thrown at me. We were given Christian names, in accordance with the bible. We are baptized for some stupid reason. Dipped in water without knowing what the hell it meant.

We are forced to go to Sunday school at a tender age of 5, 6, we are told to read the bible every day, so that we grow up well.. We are taught C.R.E and i.R.E as part of the KCSE curriculum. Remember that?

But when we wake up and realize that all this is bullshit, some of you come to us and tell us that we hate god. Yes we hate god. We hate that invisible guy! We hate his grasp on our lives. We want to be free, free from his threats of hell, and promises of heaven. We hate god, we hate the god who killed so many Egyptian first borns for no good reason.”

Here are some of the Tweets he sent out as he went on a media tour for interviews about his latest stunt;