How lucky is this dude! Popular fashion blogger This Is Ess took time to curate a special birthday message for him. He goes by the name Jeff and is the bro to the gorgeous blogger.

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The message made her fans go all “aaawww”, as it showed how tight the two have been since childhood.

Check it out!

Sharon Mundia

This guy. He’s the reason I’ve got this crazy competitive streak in me. Growing up, he’d try and do 10 push ups, I’d aim for 12. He’d hold his breath for 50 seconds, I’d go for 55. I wouldn’t always win but I’d sure as hell try. 😂 He’s taught me so much about selflessness, hard work and getting back up whenever life knocks you down. You know, for the longest time when we were kids, I didn’t think I cared much for him. That’s until one day in primary school when someone from his class threatened to beat him. I rushed to the scene claiming our dad was a policeman with a bazooka and if he touched him, he’d have to answer to him (our dad is a journalist by profession and the most calm person you’ve ever met which means the only weapon he’d have had at that point is a pen 😩😂). I’m pretty certain that bully could have taken us both but I wasn’t going to let anyone touch him without putting up a fight. I’d still try fight anyone who came for him today. No one inspires me more or makes me laugh harder! Happy 27th, Jeff! I can still hold my breath longer than you.

Here are some of the fan responses:

tabbythamwendwa Aaawwwww…this is sweet. Pretty much echoes my bro and i growing up😊😊😊 HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him

sheyie_esI want a sister just like you. What a beautiful message. Down the mem’lane. HBD to him indeed.

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the_impecableHappy Happy Birthday Jeff.Beautiful siblings, I admire you guys sana.May happiness and blessings be part of yo lives always.

_thisisbee_ Ati your dad was a policeman😂😂 the things we would say for the ones we love😂😂😂

kattiepearl😂😂😂 I lied about my dad being in the army too. No one tried to fight me or eat my snacks. Happy birthday Jeff!

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