With Will Smith in NYC

A look at his Instagram page shows that he is ballin’. From hanging out with celebrated actor Will Smith to his interview with BBC, he seems to be on the right track. What caught my attention is his latest photo with Cody Simpson, an Australian Pop Star based in the USA.

He goes by the name King Kanja.

Cody is known for his hits “Wish You Were Here” featuring Becky G, “So Listen” featuring T-Pain and “Pretty Brown Eyes.” He is also closely associated with Justin Bieber. He says that he’s ‘homies’ with Adrian Grenier who is the lead actor in the HBO series Entourage.

However, I have one problem. He uses too much filter in his IG pictures.

A look at his Youtube music much of his work, but I got to listen to his song “Lose Control,” which borrowed heavily from Davido’s “Dami Duro” and it was good. His other song, “Lights Out” is an awesome effort.

Take a look at his IG pictures and some of his videos.

Check out his music and rate it;

Lights Out:

Lose Control: