We all know the controversial Kardashians, right? What about the Kenyan family that has almost the same kind of lifestyle? Read on.Would your family be happy to see you posing semi-nude for the cameras? Would they be okay when you host night club events and even attend them? Well, very few parents can do that and Vanessa Chettle family happens to be one of them.

Even with all the controversies and scandals, Vanessa Chettle has still been able to get the support of her dad and mom. In case you didn’t know, Vanessa’s siblings are also in the limelight, you’ve probably heard of Francene Chettle, Chemutai Chettle and there brother Mike Jnr.

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So, how about a comparison of the two families?

Vanessa Chettle is the controversial star of the family so she’s the Kim Kardashian there. Her sister Francene used to be wild before she got a baby with her Nigerian boyfriend. She is the Khloe in the family.

The Rob in this family is their brother Mike Jnr who is apparently a ultimate playboy. Vanessa Chettle’s sisters Michelle and Diana can be compared to Kourtney and Kendall in the family respectively.

In case you’re wondering about their mom and dad, they can be compared to Robert Kardashian and Kristen Jenner (formerly Kris Kardashian).

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